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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Does my wig supplier have to be in Illinois?
    No, your wig supplier can be anywhere in the United States. The patient being treated must be a current resident of Illinois.
  • I am turning 19 during my treatment. Can I still apply for a wig?
    If you are 18 years old on the date that your application is sent and it is complete, you will be fully considered for a wig. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • What are the different types/costs of wigs?
    Wigs can vary in cost ranging anywhere from $10 to thousands of dollars. Wigs made of human hair are typically more expensive. The higher the quality of the wig (i.e. human hair), the higher the cost. Wigs can be synthetic or human hair and come in all different lengths, styles and colors.
  • How do I receive the financial assistance?
    After approved and confirmed, a check will be mailed directly to the wig supplier.
  • Will the financial assistance received cover the entire cost of the wig?
    Yes and no. Depending on the price and approved assistance granted, there may be a remaining balance from your wig supplier. You will be fully responsible for any balance due.
  • How long does it take to get a wig?
    The time it takes to go from initial consultation to bringing home the wig varies depending on the wig you get and if it needs to be hand made or if you purchase an already made one in store. Typically you will go into the store for a consult and to order your wig. When the wig is in stock, you will go for a fitting and styling and take your wig home that day. We suggest setting up an initial consultation as soon as the possibility of hair loss is confirmed. While it is sometimes difficult to try on a wig while your real hair is still present, giving the salon the extra time necessary to complete your wig can help decrease the time between when your hair falls out and you have a wig to wear.
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